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Modernasoft is known as a leading and reliable company in the field of digital strategy and artificial intelligence consultancy in Türkiye and America. Our journey, which we started in Istanbul, continues as we are now among the leading digital strategy consultancy firms in Turkey and America. We help our customers optimize their business processes and stand out in the market by providing digital growth and artificial intelligence solutions. Together with our experienced copywriters, advertisers, award-winning graphic designers and software team, we are here to offer the most suitable solutions to our customers' needs.

who are we

Saying "Commodore varkan de" describes our software team leader. Our visual power is unlimited with our two graphic designers who have won the Apple Award, the Oscar of graphic designers in Turkey, 16 times. We have 20 years behind us in SEO and SEM. Our copywriters come from print media backgrounds.

our vision

We are competitive. We have an endless desire to learn. Our motto is to be bound to development with endless loyalty. We have lively team members who know no limits when it comes to planning the future of the brands working with us, and who bring fantastic ideas to life. We do business with a structure that blends experience and youth.

Our capabilities

  • Software
  • Design
  • Social media
  • E-Commerce
  • SEO
  • ASO
  • SEM
  • Cloud Solutions

Our services

We work for you, with you...

Digital Strategy
UX Design
Content Strategy
Design and Concept
Social media

Media Planning


Human Orientation


We work with all our strength to contribute to ourselves and our common knowledge. We proceed with a flexible, open-to-change order and communication structure in order for everyone to reach their maximum potential and a working environment where they feel peaceful.

Friendly Working Environment

By adopting transparent and open communication, we create a friendly working environment that strengthens friendship relations. Coming together and sharing activities in fields such as culture, art and sports is a part of our daily routine!

Feedback Culture

With a feedback culture, we adopt a transparent communication style in which everyone's constructive comments to improve each other's work are welcomed with an open mind.

Our capabilities

Talent does not stay alone, it always finds neighbors

How SEO Agency Contributes to Your Company


SEO ajanslarının amacı web sitelerinin trafik aldığı anahtar kelimeleri ve genel site özelinde optimizasyon çalışmaları gerçekleştirerek web sitelerinin ürün-hizmetlerinin arama sonuçlarında üst sıralarda yer almasını sağlamaktır.Organik aranması aylık (volume değeri) 10.000 olan bir anahtar kelimenin arama sonucunda 1. sırada yer alan bir web sayfası, 10.000 aranmanın %40-%60 arasında ki trafiği tek başına almaktadır. 3 ay gibi kısa sürede yapılan SEO çalışmaları ile şirketlerin %200- %300 büyümeleri gayet doğal sonuçlardır.

Our Working Area

Determined and creative


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